IMPORTANT!!! The subwall is still present, but due to a lack of filament and a good location to show it off for the stream new plates will be paused for the time being.

What is the Subwall?

Located behind me on Camera I have what has been dubbed the Subwall. The names of subscribers to the channel get a custom designed and 3D printed name plate that is designed to clip in right off the print bed.

How Do I Get on The Subwall?

Have an active subscription and you’re name goes on the wall! Gift sub, Prime Sub, Tier Sub it doesn’t matter! For as long as your sub is active you’re name will be on the wall.

Do I Get to Pick The Colour?

Yes! The Nameplate is designed when the sub happens or when they are next in chat in the case of a Gift Sub when someone isn’t there. While doing the modeling you will get to pick the colour it will be from the colour options I have on had at the time.

This supply of filament and range of colours changes so not all colours are available all the time. If you really want a particular colour your Nameplate will generated and awaiting printing until I get that colour again.

Do Nameplates Come Down?

Yes, once every month or 2 I will go through the subscriber list and any expired subs will come down and be stored.

How Do I Move Up The Wall?

The longer your Sub Streak the higher up the wall you move! However if you are unsubbed when I go through the list you will start over at the bottom.

When were unsubscribed most recently removed?

2021-05-19 3:30am