Deep Rock Galactic

I am only just getting this up and running and there are a lot of options, but this is what I have setup so far.

Bit Spawns

  • 100 - Spawn M.U.L.E.

  • 250 - Spawn Bosco

Event Spawns

There are different spawns that occur when various stream related events happen


  • Confetti! It is a party!

Subs & Gift Subs

  • Confetti! It is a party!

  • Spawn a Sub Bug! (it is a golden lootbug)

Spawn Commands

Once something is spawned, these commands are generally made available to the spawner for any spawn event

  • #sneak - Turn Invisible

  • #rise - Rise from the Grave


The mod manager is built into the game itself utilizing to download and install the mods, sort of like how the SteamWorkshop works. Just find the mod you want on the site, subscribe to the mod and when you launch the game it should download the mods.

To get them downloading you do need to active it by opening the in game menu and going to the Modding tab. It will ask you to log in and will then download the mods. You can disable or enable them here as well.

Installed Mods