OBS Setup

There are many plugins I use in OBS to make everything work, and these are them specifically!

3D Effects

Adds the ability to edit a source in 3D space

Advanced Scene Switcher

As the name states, will automatically change scene based on different conditions

Ashmanix Countdown Timer

Adds a countdown timer that can be triggered via websocket

Closed Captioning via Google Speech Recognition

Provides live Closed Captions to the stream. They are added using Twitches built in CC so it is not forced in the stream and does not require a Twitch Extension

Composite Blur

Adds a blur filter with many options

Face Tracker

Add a filter that does live face tracking

Freeze Filter

Adds the ability to live freeze a source for different effects

Move Transition

Adds the ability to both move sources but also change values for another filter for gradual changes

Source Screenshot Filter

Adds the ability to save a screenshot of just a source

Source Clone

Adds Source Clone as a source type

Source Record

Adds the ability to record a source

Multiple RTMP outputs plugin

Adds the ability to output to multiple RTMP endpoints for 1 stream


Adds a audio wave form to the stream when we speak as a cool feature

VBAN Plugin

Adds VBAN as a source item to directly connect an audio source using VBAN