What is PhatCoin?

PhatCoin is the channel crypto currency we use around here. It is run using Streamlab, integreated into Stream Avatars and can be mined in a couple ways

What is PhatCoin used for?

Chat Commands

Some chat commands have a PhatCoin cost tied to them

Stream Avatars

You can use your PhatCoin to change your Avatar in Stream Avatars or get different accessories for them


PhatCoin is used for getting tickets when running a giveaway on stream

How do I get PhatCoin?


PhatBot will hand out random amounts of PhatCoin to everyone watching, we will also randomly give out PhatCoin to the viewers


When you follow, you automatically get 100 PhatCoin

Channel Points

When you redeem Channel Points you get half the amount spent back in PhatCoin


When hosting you get a 500 PhatCoin and the viewers will get 100 PhatCoin


When you said you get 1000 PhatCoin and the viewers will get 100 PhatCoin


When you subscribe, you get different amounts of PhatCoin

  • Tier 1: 1000 PhatCoin for the subscriber, 100 for viewers

  • Tier 2: 2000 PhatCoin for the subscriber, 200 for viewers

  • Tier 3: 7000 PhatCoin for the subscriber, 700 for viewers

Gift Subs

When gifting a sub to another viewer, you get the amount of PhatCoin for that Tier + 1000 PhatCoin


When you cheer the channel, you get that amount added as PhatCoin