What is a Phat32?

Phat32 is me, I am him. Call me Phat32, Phat, or by just Tom if you like.

I see. Tell me more

I am Canadian out in BC, a Husband, a Software Developer, and a Partnered streamer on Twitch. I have a particular love for Star Citizen which my Wife has also gotten into (squeee) but am what you would call a Variety Streamer. I like to change it up and try new and indie games.

If you have any questions, feel free to join the Discord, follow me on Twitter (you will not catch me calling it anything else) or Instagram. Join us live for the streams happening over on Twitch

Seriously, Why All of This?

As with most Streamers, I have added many different ways for the viewers to intereact more directly with the stream while it is happening. Part of that is a bunch of commands that are changed here and there or new ones added for the lulz.

Just wanted a nice easy place where that can all be seen