Stream Avatars

What is Stream Avatars

At the bottom of the stream are little moving Avatars. They are you in the stream! When you chat your message will appear on stream from your avatar.

You can customize them and change them from a selection of Avatars I have added either in stream or by going to

What do they do?

They are a way for you to interact with eachother and have a precense in the stream itself. You can duel eachother, play cards to try and increase your PhatCoin and play in minigames we periodically spawn. At times stars will spawn that if you are able to catch will give you an extra 1000 PhatCoin

What type of Minigames

There are Boss battles where you need strategy to beat and the stream working together, battle in teams against eachother in Basketball. Win these events and gain bonus PhatCoin

Check out the Commands documentation for more details

List of Avatars


  • Aurora

  • bluemon

  • Crewmate

  • Mustang

2500 PhatCoin

  • Goose

  • Slime

Working on it. This is suddenly a very big list.