Sound Alerts

What is Sound Alerts?

Sound Alerts are sound effects you can trigger to play in the stream either with Channel Points or Bits, there are a different selection of sound effects between the 2 types.

List of Alerts by Channel Points

There are 6 sounds you can play in stream (it is supposed to be 5 but it bugged out and I have 6… Shhhhh.). All Sound Alerts trigger at 300 Channel Points with a 10 second cooldown.


Plays the sound “HA! GOT EMMM”

Cost: 300 Points*

A few moments later

Plays the sound “A few moments later”

Cost: 300 Points*


Plays the sound “BRUH”

Cost: 300 Points*

Owen Wilson WOW

Plays a sound of Owen Wilson saying “Wow”

Cost: 300 Points*

At this moment he knew

Plays the sound “It was at this moment that he knew. He fucked up.”

Cost: 300 Points*

List of Alerts by Bits


Play a sound effect “OOF”

Cost: 10 bits

Baby Yoda

Play a little song singing “Baby Yoda! Baby Baby Yoda!”

Cost: 50 bits

Please God No

Play a sound effect “Please God No. No. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

Cost: 50 bits

Hey Kappa

Play a sound effect “Hey Kappa Kappa Hey Kapapa Kappa Hey”

Cost: 50 bits


Play a sound effect “BOOM HEADSHOT”

Cost: 75 bits

Run (Dramatic Music)

Play a sound effect “Run” followed by dramatic music

Cost: 100 bits

Crab Rave

Play a sound effect Crab Rave Music

Cost: 100 bits

IT’S OVER 9000

Play a sound effect “IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Cost: 100 bits

Just Do It

Play a sound effect “JUST DO IT!!”

Cost: 100 bits

Baby Shark

Play a sound effect “Baby Shark Do do doo do”

Cost: 125 bits

Mommy Shark

Play a sound effect “Mommy Shark Do do doo do”

Cost: 125 bits

Daddy Shark

Play a sound effect “Daddy Shark Do do doo do”

Cost: 125 bits


Play a sound effect little song of a chicken

Cost: 125 bits

Chicken Dance

Play a pretty sweet dance chicken song

Cost: 125 bits


Play a sound effect of an Airhorn

Cost: 150 bits

Benny Hill Theme

Play the Benny Hill Theme

Cost: 150 bits

Titanic Flute

Play a recorder version of the song from Titan

Cost: 250 bits

Epic Sax

Play a the Epix Sax loop

Cost: 400 bits


Play a sound effect of a Cowboy yelling “AAAAAAAAAAAH”

Cost: 500 bits

Star Wars Cantina

Play a the Cantina song

Cost: 500 bits