VIP Commands



Activate the Instant Replay to rewatch an interesting moment for the last 15 seconds for 2 loops (30 seconds)

NOTE This activated when the command is typed and there may be a visual delay.


!PhatCoin add all X

Handout new PhatCoin to everyone watching

!PhatCoin add all 300
!coins @Viewer X

Handout coins to a specific viewer

!coins @Phat32 300

Did the stream freeze? This should fix it.

Stream Avatars


Start up a game of Basketball


Start up a battle to the death, see who will be last left standing!

!battleroyale cancel

Stop the current Battle Royale

!boss [easy/medium/hard] X

Start a boss fight. Choose the difficultly and prize if they win

!boss easy 200
!boss cancel

Cancel the current boss fight

!mass action

Have all of the avatars do an action

!mass dance

!mass hug @Phat32

!mass attack @Phat32

!mass bomb