Chat Commands



Let the chat know Chair stream is best stream!


Get the Discord link


Remind the stream to Be Excellent to Eachother


Check how long you’ve been following for


Get a joke from PhatBot that is pulled from API


Get a link to our team Pixel Alliance


Get a random quote from the Chat Bot


Get links to my socials


Get the Title and Artist of the song currently playing in stream


Zoom into the Subwall and let others know about the Subwall


Get a link to my TreatStream if you want to get me some food


How long has the stream been running for


Shout out for the Wiphe



Sends many p3230k for when the server dies


Sends many p32Hype to get HYPED


Let the chat know you’re lurking with a p32Lurk


Sends many p32O7 to salute


Sends many p32RIP when I eventually have a RIP moment



Get the link for watching Skye and I when we stream couples streams


Get the link for watching all the streamers in Chaos Tuesdays



Displays your rank and amount of PhatCoin


Displays the amount of PhatCoin you current have

!PhatCoin give @Viewer X

Give some of your PhatCoin to someone else in the chat

!PhatCoin give @Phat32 10
!tickets X

Get tickets for any active giveaway

PhatCoin cost: 1000 per ticket

!tickets 20

Stream Avatars


Ask the Magic 8ball

!duel @Viewer

Battle against another viewer, you can also but PhatCoin on the line on who will win the duel

!duel @Phat32

!duel @Phat32 200

Have PhatBot issue you a challenge to fight

PhatCoin cost: 10

!slots X

Play the slots and try to get more PhatCoin

PhatCoin cost: X

!slots 500
!bet X [blue/pink]

Spin the roulette to try and win more PhatCoin

PhatCoin cost: X

!bet 500 blue



Play an ad on stream automatically

PhatCoin cost: 100


Time yourself out for 2 minutes

PhatCoin cost: 200